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Map Climatestrike

Generation #ClimateStrike – Snapshot of a radical movement

Within months, Greta Thunberg's individual school strike against climate change turned into a movement that brings hundreds of thousands of students onto the streets for the #ClimateStrike. Who mobilises Generation Z? An analysis.

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Sarah Diane Eck

How Sandblock disrupts the billion dollar industry of loyalty programs

The French startup Sandblock wants to revolutionise customer loyalty with blockchain. CEO and co-founder Sarah-Diane Eck explains her business model in a video – and at the GDI Retail Summit.

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How cheaper predictions will change the world

Forecasts that cost less and less and improve at the same time will change the world. The world-famous AI expert Ajay Agrawal is certain of this. For example, AI predictions have revolutionised autonomous driving, Agrawal explains in a video and on at the GDI on 4 June 2019.

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Infographic Communication Teaser

How do we communicate tomorrow?

From books to phones to internet and smartphones–our communication is evolving rapidly. Which new forms of interaction will change not only our language, but our lives, will be the topic of the 15th European Trend Day. This infographic shows an overview.

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José del R. Millán

Plug-in for the brain

Through his work on Brain-Computer-Interfaces (BCI), EPFL Professor José R. del Millán helps people with physical disabilities live more independently. In an interview with the GDI, the researcher discusses BCIs and whether they could be hacked.

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Kuyda ETD

A chatbot for hard times

Startup founder Eugenia Kuyda developed a chatbot that not only speaks, but also listens. Thousands of people already share their feelings with "Replika". A danger for "real" friendships? More about this in the video.

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Panel discussion with Robert Kagan and Lord Adair Turner

Are we on the way to a new world order? At the GDI evening event "Robot Capitalism and The Coming World Disorder" the British economist Lord Adair Turner and the political scientist Robert Kagan discussed the influence of robots on the world economy, the strengthening of China and the role of the USA. The panel discussion is now available as a video.

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David J Linden

GDI Trend Day speaker David J. Linden: “The human nervous system has at least 10 senses”

When will virtual reality games be directly linked to our nerves, and why does pain feel bad? Neuroscientist David J. Linden knows. On 13 March, the US American will speak at the GDI Trend Day.

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Language: the ultimate self-regulating system

Our language is constantly changing. Yet somehow, that transformation does not cause chaos, writes American journalist and author Lane Greene. Language is the ultimate self-regulating system. But with artificial intelligence, will we still communicate about language? We will discuss this on GDI Trend Day on 13 March 2019.

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Martin Wikelski Youtube

"Internet of Wings" – How birds get us further

Martin Wikelski, Director of the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology and the "Icarus" project, is convinced we can learn a lot from animal behaviour. Wikelski and his team study the movements of birds and other wild animals, and develop valuable forecasts.

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