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Netflix Stranger Things

Netflix data expert Michelle Ufford: that’s how TV works today

Netflix knows its users better than any TV station. Huge amounts of data help to optimise the program for each individual. Michelle Ufford shows at the GDI Predictions Conference on 4 June, 2019 how this works.

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Wendy Liebmann

Wendy Liebmann: "It's all about a new dynamic social movement to be well"

Wendy Liebmann knows what customers in the USA and South Korea really want. The CEO of New York based consulting firm WSL Strategic Retail gives insights into her latest survey results – here and at the GDI conference "Eternity Now" on 10 May 2019.

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Predictions Thesen Wiki
GDI Research

Six theses on how AI predictions will change our lives

The possibilities of radically more accurate predictions through artificial intelligence will also radically change our lives. GDI Head of Research Karin Frick has put forward six theses regarding artificial intelligence.

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Gottlieb Duttweiler Prize for human-machine collaboration

On 7 May 2019, at a ceremony attended by top international representatives from the worlds of business, research and politics, the 13th Gottlieb Duttweiler Prize was awarded to the AI platform Watson – and accepted on its behalf by John E. Kelly III, IBM Executive Vice President.

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The three most common mistakes made by companies in the Chinese market

New technologies and big data are rapidly changing trade in China.. In an interview, Chiang Jeongwen, Professor of Marketing at the renowned China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), discusses how to successfully enter the Chinese market, the competition between Alibaba and Amazon, and Chinese consumers. On 5 September 2019, Jeongwen will present  at the GDI Retail Summit.

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Decoding the Future EN

Decoding the future

On earth and in space, there are almost no unexplored regions. But a new atlas of blank spaces is emerging, which will enable an age of astonishing discovery

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Business of Well

The big business with wellbeing

The global market for cosmetic products is expected to reach over USD 800 billion by 2023. But it is not just this industry that is booming: the pursuit of personal wellbeing in any situation is the standout trend of our time. This is demonstrated by the report "The Big Business of WELL", published by New York-based strategy consultancy WSL. Results from the report will be presented here and at the GDI on 10 May 2019.

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David Bosshart: "Whoever gets convenience right, can win people over"

GDI CEO David Bosshart is convinced retailers' willingness to take risks should increase. New and innovative partnerships, for example, would enable them to successfully counteract declining margins. Bosshart sees the merger of analogue and digital, convenience, and moral consumption as the three major retail trends of the near future. A video interview.

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Prediction Products

More and more companies are designing their products in a way that they can create predictions from user data. It's nice when the products learn to fulfil our wishes even better - but it won't always be that nice, warns Shoshana Zuboff in her latest book.

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Marcia Kilgore

How Marcia Kilgore built her beauty empire

Marcia Kilgore is one of the most successful recent beauty entrepreneurs. Here and at the GDI event "Eternity Now" Kilgore discusses beginner mistakes, sources of inspiration, and how she wants to revolutionise the cosmetics industry with her new company, Beauty Pie.

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