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Fleischfreie Schweiz 2050?


Fleischfreie Schweiz 2050: Klingt gewagt und ist doch ein wahrscheinliches Zukunftsszenario. Denn unseren heutigen Fleischkonsum können wir uns nicht mehr leisten, wenn wir unsere Klimaziele erreichen wollen. In einem Arbeitspapier von zehn Schweizer Thinktanks beschreibt das GDI mögliche Schritte.

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Anastasia Krivoruchko: "We can be a game changer"

20 April 2022

How is the food system changing? Who are the game changers? In our interview series "Food trends under the radar", we look for the next big innovations. In the third part, Anastasia Krivoruchko, CEO of the fermentation start-up Melt&Marble, gives insights into the world of precision fermentation.

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IRL or URL? The difference disappears with the Metaverse

14 April 2022

The fashion industry shows how fluidly off- and online retail could soon be intertwined. Blockchain, NFTs and Metaverse offer enormous digital potential, says insider Jeff Carvalho, co-founder of the streetwear blog Highsnobiety. In this interview, he gives us an insight into the industry.

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Behavioural economist with clear conclusion on the pandemic

14 April 2022

What lessons can we learn from the pandemic? Would more freedom or more coercion have been successful? Hans-Joachim Voth, Professor of Economics, shares his expertise in the run-up to the the Academy of Behavioral Economics 2022.

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Artificial intelligence on Beethoven's footsteps?

12 April 2022

From translating texts to diagnosing illnesses to autonomous driving, artificial intelligence is already taking over many of the tasks of humans. But can it also make art? The AI AIVA shows us.

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How a professor learned to subtract by playing with Legos

7 April 2022 

If a product is to be improved, a feature is usually added. That's how humans work. The fact that something can be given more value by taking something away, on the other hand, is unfamiliar to us at first. Leidy Klotz, author of "Subtract", explains in a video interview with the GDI, why and how our mindset can be changed.

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2nd International Food Innovation Conference

Forward to Fermentation: Brewing the Future of Food

15 June 2022

Fermentation is expected to be a key component in the shift toward alternative proteins. Fungi are becoming the new cows. Already, the investment bonanza has started. In 2020 alone, fermentation companies raised $587 million USD. What once started with barrels of magically bubbling liquids has turned into the science of precision fermentation.

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Discovery on Steroids: How AI will Speed up Innovation

A joined conference by the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, the Swiss Re Institute and IBM Research.

5 July 2022

AI has the potential to dramatically increase the quality and quantity of innovation across all domains. Emerging AI technologies allow us to radically shorten drug development cycles, accelerate the design of new materials and predict migration flows. And yet we are currently only at the beginning of this huge development. The number and types of AI applications are increasing rapidly.

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72nd International Retail Summit 

Flow Commerce: How Shifting Boundaries Reshape Retail 

8 – 9 September 2022

Smooth process flows have never been as important as they are now. Yet they have also never been as challenging. How does commerce stay in flux? A new poker for procurement has begun; new bets are being made on customer preferences.



Are Smartwatches Eroding Solidarity?

Scenarios for a data-driven healthcare system


Gene sequencing, pedometers, smart blood pressure monitors – our health is increasingly translated into numbers. This datafication not only promises better prognoses of health trajectories, it also enables more control of behaviour. But how does this new transparency affect the solidarity principle of healthcare?

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European Food Trends Report 2021

The Big Entanglement: Food Between Microchips and Microbiomes


The "European Food Trends Report 2021" outlines three scenarios for the future of our food system.

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Prevention in Transition

Stable routines in unstable times


Celery smoothie or frozen pizza? Forest run or flopping on the sofa? Netflix or a nap? The coronavirus pandemic has prompted many of us to change our habits, for better or worse. What does it take for us to behave healthier? And how do we prevent illness in a sustainable way? These are the questions addressed in this GDI study.



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