European Food Trends Report 2021

The European Food Trends Report is published every two years by the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute. It aims to identify and classify the current trends, developments and innovations in the entire food-industry value network. The report indicates what the most important changes in the food industry are and how they affect distribution and consumption.

European Food Trends Report 2021

The upcoming European Food Trends Report addresses the following topics and issues, among others:

Between scarcity and abundance

How can we overcome a global supply shortage? What levers are available to us in the fight against malnutrition – too many wrong ones, not enough right ones? How is climate change affecting land and land use? Where are production areas disappearing and where are new ones being created? What role will animal products continue to play in our diet? To what extent will they be replaced by plant-based alternatives?

Food production 2030

When will the limits of traditional industrial agriculture, monocultures and factory farming be reached? How will the agriculture of the future be rethought, redefined and transformed? What alternative production methods are available to us, and how much food can they produce? To what extent has the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated this change? What role do digitalisation, algorithms and AI play?

Food distribution 2030

Is the shift online unstoppable? What does the future hold for supermarkets and bricks-and-mortar retail? How sustainable is the boost given to delivery services by Covid-19? Which business models will eventually manage to get in the black? How are alternative forms of production, such as cellular or vertical farming, changing food retail?


Four possible future scenarios for the value network of the global food industry are identified and described.

The study will be published in the third quarter of 2021. For further information, please contact project manager Christine Schäfer (