Out and about with smart assistants

Out and About With Smart Assistants

A scenario for travelling in the future

Study, 2019 (free download)

Languages: German, French, English
Commissioned by: Conference of Regional Tourism Directors in Switzerland (RDK)

Jakub Samochowiec, Marta Kwiatkowski and Stefan Breit
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Smart assistants might have as big an impact on tourism in the next ten years just as smartphones had in the past ten years. This means that for the customer, they will become a personal travel agency, navigator, translator, tour guide and so forth, and they will take on all our administrative tasks – such as buying tickets and checking in. In the following study, we sketch out a picture of what it might be like to go travelling with just such an assistant.

This study outlines the development of travel until 2030 and is intended as a navigation aid for Swiss tourism:

  • How can we go about digitising our own region?
  • How will tourists travell with smart assistants?
  • What is the best way to make data available?

The study was commissioned by the Conference of Regional Tourism Directors in Switzerland (RDK).