The GDI regularly publishes studies, videos and updates on trends in retail, consumption and society.

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Study The New Volunteers

The New Volunteers

Study, 2018 (free download)

Authors: Jakub Samochowiec, Leonie Thalmann, Andreas Müller
Languages: German, French
Commissioned by: Migros Kulturprozent

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GDI Study A New World of Energy

A New World of Energy

From Scarcity to Abundance

Authors: Stefan Breit, Venkatesh Rao, Detlef Gürtler

Languages: German, English

Commissioned by: Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE

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Future Public Space

Future Public Space

The Future of Public Space

Study, 2018 (free download)

Language: German, french
Commissioned by: Zentrum Öffentlicher Raum (ZORA)

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John Van Reenen Academy 19

Open-mindedness, not fear: New technologies for greater prosperity

According to economics professor John Van Reenen, productivity improves society's prosperity; he describes in a video how new technologies, management practices, and more sophisticated data application can increase productivity.

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Wellness 2030 Selbstoptimierung
Wellness 2030

Everything for the Self: Wellness in the Digital Age

Digital technologies are enabling us to know ourselves better and better. This affects the wellness industry in terms of increasing demands and a multitude of possibilities.

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