Commissioned studies: inspiration for innovation

How will you sell your products in five, ten and 20 years? What technological and social trends are changing your industry? How do you ensure renewal? A commissioned study provides you with future scenarios and with options points for your company.


In times of rapid change, innovation is the basis for tomorrow's entrepreneurial success. Conversely, if you stand still, you go backwards. But how do you reach the altitude from which the path into the future becomes visible?

A GDI study provides practical impulses for more innovative strength. It analyses which social and economic megatrends are changing a particular industry. And it shows how you can take these developments into account in your strategy for the future.

A commissioned study is a partnership project. In cooperation with our clients, we create questions and goals. In this way, we can guarantee that your study is precisely tailored to your needs. A selection of previous projects is presented here:


The GDI, Switzerland's oldest independent think tank, works on an interdisciplinary basis and combines knowledge from the economic and social sciences. Our researchers are well networked with partners. We are proud to present some of our cooperation partners to you.