Zoom is so yesterday: these are the meeting providers of the future (part 2)

Zoom was just the beginning – companies around the world have long been working on developing the meeting solutions of the future. Here, the GDI highlights the most promising providers. The future of meetings was also discussed by international speakers at the GDI Trend Day on 10 March 2021.

Online meetings, virtual live concerts, one-on-one conversations in digital spaces: the Covid-19 pandemic has hugely accelerated the development of new meeting options. The winners are those companies that are already working on tomorrow's solutions. Zoom's unprecedented success story has shown that. But online meetings and webinars are just the beginning.

Communities have long been meeting online for hologram concerts, going shopping for clothes for avatars in virtual fashion stores, or visiting international museums from their sofas. On the one hand, manufacturers are focusing on creating virtual online worlds. On the other, they are devising human-like counterparts that interact with us in these worlds. For example, the electronics company Samsung has founded the start-up Neon, which uses artificial intelligence to build virtual human figures. The realistic characters are intended to serve private individuals as digital companions, and companies as salespeople or consultants.

Meeting places of the future – the meeting players

In the first article in our series on the meeting places of the future, we mapped the different manifestations of the new meeting forms, from digital to virtual.

In the second part, we’ll now highlight the companies that are already offering solutions for meetings of the future, and what their solutions look like: