Trial and error: How Victor Lugger succeeds without recipe


Victor Lugger, co-founder of the French restaurant enterprise "Big Mamma Group", has opened nine Italian restaurants, a bar, and a food market since 2015. The Dolce Vita business is booming. Lugger's insider tip for success? He doesn’t have one – instead he shares his principles in a video.

The objective was to create a restaurant for everyone. A crêperie was the beginning of the experiment, in the end it became an Italian Trattoria. The path to becoming a successful company was obviously not always straightforward, but with the Big Mamma Group, Victor Lugger and business partner Tigrane Seydoux have created what many caterers only dream of. The group's portfolio now includes nine restaurants across Paris, Lille and London, as well as a bar and market. 

In this video, Victor Lugger discusses how, despite its size, the company manages not to lose any of its classic trattoria charm, what matters in recruiting the right people and - more importantly - how they are deployed, and why customers often enjoy mild chaos:

Victor Lugger is a speaker at the 20th European Food Service Summit, which will take place on 24 and 25 September at the Lake Side Casino in Zurich.