“There aren't five types of customers – there are 150”


We have to stop thinking in terms of the traditional age categories. Chris Sanderson, co-founder of the London-based trend consulting company The Future Laboratory, explains in this video interview how customer types will be defined in the future.

Every customer generates vast amounts of data, which can be made both visible and usable via new technologies. This allows customer requirements – in their infinite variety – to be better understood and satisfied.

In order to classify customers, two factors are essential:

•    Demographics – an understanding of the period in which a person was born
•    Psychographics – an understanding of a person’s individual values

The combination of these two factors enables a segmentation that goes beyond a rough division into baby boomers, Generation Y, etc., and is more individually tailored to the customer. This means that the right product with the right message can be offered at the right time.

Das Video-Interview wurde an der 67. Internationalen Handelstagung am GDI aufgezeichnet.