Ten things Stephanie Kelton wants you to know about the economy

In times of government spending on an unimaginable scale, a discussion of the ideas of "Modern Monetary Theory" is more topical than ever. One of its probably most famous advocates is the US-American professor Stephanie Kelton. She spoke at the 70th International Retail Summit at the GDI.

Research has been conducted on the ideas of "Modern Monetary Theory" for 20 years. For a long time only celebrated by left-wingers, the provocative theses have now reached the centre of society. US professor Stephanie Kelton says:


National debt is at an all time high? There’s no reason to panic.

Stephanie Kelton

What does it mean when states keep their deficits small? In a video, the former advisor to US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders explains what she considers to be the ten most important theses of modern monetary theory: