Priscillia Ludosky: "The gilets jaunes is not just about burning rubbish bins"


Thousands of French men and women have been taking to the streets for a year now. Every Saturday. They demand lower taxes, lower salaries, and pensions for high civil servants. The origin of the wave of protests is a petition by Priscillia Ludosky. She discussed her impact with the "Financial Times" and will speak about it at the GDI Trend Day.

Priscillia Ludosky

What began with an online petition to reduce taxes, salaries and pensions for senior civil servants has become one of the largest protest movements in France's recent history. Hard to suppress or contain, the "Mouvement des Gilets jaunes" became a European symbol of the resistance of "ordinary people" against a (perceived) political elite.

The movement has given a voice to those who would otherwise not be heard, who would never be quoted in the media, says Priscillia Ludosky, the author of the original petition and today one of the leading figures. In an interview with the Financial Times she talks about threatening Macron supporters and about the false image of the "Mouvement des Gilets jaunes" as a rioting mass setting rubbish bins on fire:

Priscillia Ludosky is a speaker at GDI’s 16th European Trend Day on 11 March 2020.