"Planetary Health Diet" - or: How we can save ourselves and our planet


The way we eat today is not only bad for our planet, but also for us. The "Planetary Health Diet" is a diet intended to protect human health as well as earth.

The following text and the graph are based on an excerpt from the new "European Food Trends Report", which you can order on our website.

In order to ensure a balanced diet for all people and the health of the earth, we must radically change ourselves. The "Planetary Health Diet" of the EAT-Lancet Commission on Healthy Diets From Sustainable Food Systems involves a diet consisting of a variety of plant foods and small amounts of animal products, refined cereals, or added sugar and unsaturated instead of saturated fats. The following graph illustrates the extent of the adjustments:

In Europe, we would have to more than double the volumes of fruit, vegetables, legumes and nuts on our plates while reducing our consumption of meat and sugar by more than half. Per person, we can only eat 43 g of meat (of which only 7 g of red meat) per day. The Norwegian chef, Lise Finckenhagen, wants to demonstrate that this menu can be tasty and varied. Her "Weekly Planetary Health Menu" includes dishes such as vegetable pizza, grilled cod, ramen noodle soup with chicken, and a falafel wrap with hummus.