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Today our longing for authenticity and natural products determines our diet. But we must look at the global food system as a whole - and cannot escape a sweeping process of technisation.

European Food Trends Report

Hacking Food: The reinvention of our food

The new "European Food Trends Report" from the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute identifies and examines trends and developments that will influence our diet over the next 30 years. There are three main drivers behind this change:

1. Awareness of the impact of human consumption on the environment and animal welfare is growing. The climate crisis is influencing food production; conversely, our diet exacerbates this crisis. But sustainability also means less food waste, more ecological packaging solutions and more recycling.

2. Physical and mental health have become a lifestyle, and proper nutrition is more important than ever. With an optimised nutrient combination and organic hacking, consumers want to drive away indisposition, digestive problems, fatigue and a lack of fitness.

3. The desire for efficient nutrition in everyday stress is on the rise - the food market is reacting. The entire catering trade is in a delivery frenzy. Delivery menus have long been backed not only by classic restaurants, but also by high-performance kitchens without guest rooms.

EFTR Meat graphic

Explosive facts:

821 million people - or one in nine - suffered from hunger in 2017.

77 % of agricultural land is used for livestock farming, including pastureland and areas used for animal feed production.

Conventional meat production takes about two years, whereas laboratory meat takes only three weeks.

Today, about half of all the fish and seafood we eat comes from aquacultures.

Nowadays, alcohol plays a subordinate role among young consumers - it simply no longer fits the desired healthy lifestyle. Generations Y and Z prefer drinks containing cannabinoids, so-called drinkables.

By the way: Author of the study and researcher Christine Schäfer will also speak about the latest trends in the food industry in your company. For further information please contact Ingrid Schmid.