The New Class Society – webinar replay


"In the past, performance and qualifications were the main drivers of social advancement," says Professor Oliver Nachtwey. Today, things are different. Assets are becoming more important than income. Find out more in the GDI webinar replay.

Coronavirus as a great equaliser? Not according to Oliver Nachtwey, Professor of Social Stratification at the University of Basel and author of the book Die Abstiegsgesellschaft (literally ‘downward mobility’). Global divergence has increased during the pandemic, as can also be seen in the wage sector: "The inequalities between system-relevant jobs and resource-rich white-collar professions continue to grow."

In the GDI webinar "Global Outlook 2021: The New Class Society", Nachtwey talked to David Bosshart about how Covid-19 and digitalisation are accelerating social change. According to Nachtwey, the transformation of class society is shifting, having previously been structured primarily through occupations. Advancement and class are no longer determined by income, but rather by wealth: (for English translation please turn on automatic subtitles)