Navi Radjou: Three rules for doing more with less

It has been seven years since Navi Radjou, in an impressive Ted Talk, presented Frugal Innovation as a solution to many of our problems. The author of "Frugal Innovation: How To Do Better With Less" coined the term and has popularised it worldwide. Now that we are in the middle of a climate crisis and a pandemic, his ideas are more relevant than ever, as he will demonstrate at the 18th European Trend Day on 9 March 2022.

Navi Radjou, innovation expert, author and former Vice President at research company Forrester, is convinced that Frugal Innovation can improve all areas of our lives: agriculture, banking, transport and healthcare, to name just a few. "I believe that the only way we can sustain growth and prosperity in the West is if we learn to do more with less," says Radjou, and, in a video, he sets out three principles that companies can apply to do more with less:

In 2013, Navi Radjou was awarded the Thinkers50 Innovation Award. Today he advises executives on innovation and leadership worldwide. He says: "When external resources are scarce, you have to go within yourself to tab the most abandoned resource: human ingenuity."

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