Nationality: Vegan

Worldwide, there is an increasing number of people living a vegan lifestyle. Due to global networking, the community is growing ever closer. Isaac Thomas, CEO of Vegan Nation, wants to take this development one step further with his own "vegan" crypto currency. On GDI Trend Day he will talk about his vision.

The economic potential of the vegan market is huge, says Isaac Thomas, founder and CEO of Vegan Nation. Based on his own blockchain-based currency, the Vegan Coin, Thomas wants to harness this potential and strengthen the global vegan community as a whole. His idea: a vegan nation.

"The definition of a nation is a group of people united by an ideological environment, values and a shared vision", says Thomas in an article in Israeli daily newspaper "Haaretz". "In that sense, we vegans have more of shared moral and ideology starting point than most nations in the world."

In his project, Isaac Thomas is supported by celebrities including "Games of Thrones" star Jerome Flynn:

Isaac Thomas is a speaker at the 16th European Trend Day of the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, which takes place on 11 March 2020 under the title "Morals First: The Rise of Consumer Activism".