Monisha Kaltenborn is taking the billion-dollar business of e-sports by storm

The first female team manager in Formula 1 motor-racing, Monisha Kaltenborn, is now completely committed to e-sports. You can hear all about her goals and how online racing is democratising motorsports in the video below.

The indomitable Monisha Kaltenborn has had an impressive career so far: after studying law at the University of Vienna and the London School of Economics, she worked as a lawyer in Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein. In 2000, she joined the legal department of the Sauber Formula 1 racing team, moving up to become, in 2012, the first female team manager at the highest level of motor sports.

E-sports market worth billions

Today, Monisha Kaltenborn focuses entirely on e-sports – a market that generates global turnover of almost one billion US dollars a year.

As CEO of the racing simulator start-up Racing Unleashed, Kaltenborn is currently in the process of setting up a global e-racing series. Her ambitious goal is to democratise racing, and the many advantages of this virtual version of the sport suggest she will achieve it. The races are more sustainable and less expensive, because teams and cars don't have to travel around the world. In addition, online racing is open to everyone, which certainly cannot be said of the real thing. All participants need is a powerful computer or simulator, rather than a high-performance, million-dollar race car and full support team. In the two e-sports leagues set up by Racing Unleashed, the best in the world can compete virtually on legendary racetracks, such as the Nürburgring, the Circuit de Spa or Monza.

In this video, Monisha Kaltenborn talks about fan engagement, fear of embarrassment and why e-sports must be taken seriously: