Media Innovation Map: opportunites for media outlets

To maintain an overview in the "media jungle", the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute has created the Media Innovation Map in collaboration with "20 Minuten". The map allows users to view the changes on three levels.

The Media Innovation Map shows opportunities for media outles in three fields:

  • Microtrends: Media-relevant trends were collected and assigned to the super categories "Society", "Content Production" and "Distribution". The glossary contains a brief description of the individual microtrends.
  • Macrotrends: From the categories in which the microtrends were grouped, the macrotrends "new content", "new values", "new channels", "new partners", "new forms of work", "new users" and "new relationships" show media change from a higher altitude.
  • Opportunities: Each macro trend brings new opportunities. The best way to utilize them depends on context, so opportunities are formulated as questions each media company must address.