Klarna – how ‘hip’ can a payment provider be?

If there were winners during the coronavirus lockdown, they were e-commerce platforms and their ecosystems. Klarna is one of these winners. In a video and at the GDI Retail Summit, Klarna’s CMO David Sandström explains what it would look like if Gucci was a payment provider.

The Swedish payment provider's success began well before the coronavirus crisis. 205,000 retailers currently use Klarna's payment processing solutions, and the company has over 2700 employees in 17 countries. One success factor is Klarna's unmistakable branding, which comes in pink and with brand ambassadors like Lady Gaga and Snoop Dogg. Responsible for this is Chief Marketing Officer David Sandström.

Products and brands have a problem nowadays: "The products are there, but the brand is missing", says David Sandström. Even though brands play a decisive role, or more precisely: the feeling that they evoke in customers. This is all the more true for payment processor Klarna. Because one thing David Sandström knows for sure: «Payments aren't the most exciting things in the world».

In a video Sandström explains, how hip a payment provider can be and what it would look like if Gucci was a payment provider:

Companies should be aware of the facts, that: «For every product there are ten others that are equally good.»