On Instagram only: Virtual fashion for a virtual world


Recently, the first digital-only dress by the label The Fabricant was sold in New York for nearly 10,000 US dollars. Still a special niche market, but the business with digital apparel has potential.


Increasingly, life is happening online. For example, Influencers wear a certain outfit, take and edit a photo,  and upload to Instagram. The resulting picture spurs followers to purchase the outfit and distribute it themselves via social media. As a result, "real" life is increasingly a mirror of virtual life.

However, if everything ends up online anyway, why do we still need clothing made of yarn and thread at all? Digital fashion label The Fabricant is addressing this question. Recently it sold l its first blockchain-based item - created in collaboration with artist and influencer Johanna Jaskowska - for 9500 US dollars.

Learn how digital fashion is created and how to wear it here: