Humans not data: Douglas Rushkoffs "Team Human"


In the digital economy, people are only as valuable as their data, according to media theorist and bestselling author Douglas Rushkoff. On the 16th European Trend Day of the GDI, he will talk about his commitment to preserving the human dimension.

"We ended up with a digital landscape that really repressed creativity, repressed novelty, it repressed what makes us most human", internet pioneer Douglas Rushkoff complains. In today's digital economy, the value of human beings amounts to that of their data. In his latest book, Rushkoff–who MIT calls one of the world's most influential intellectuals–calls for a "Team Human" for the preservation of humanity in a digital society: 

Rushkoff–cyberpunk, columnist and New York University lecturer–will deliver the keynote on 11 March 2020 at the 16th European Trend Day of the GDI. Get your early bird ticket now!