How cheaper predictions will change the world

Forecasts that cost less and less and improve at the same time will change the world. The world-famous AI expert Ajay Agrawal is certain of this. For example, AI predictions have revolutionised autonomous driving, Agrawal explains in a video and at the GDI on 4 June 2019.

Just six years ago, experts thought it was impossible – today it is already a reality: the autonomous car. According to Ajay Agrawal, professor at the University of Toronto and a world-famous expert in the field of artificial intelligence, the fundamental reason for this was a rethinking of the problem. Autonomous vehicles have been produced and programmed for quite some time, but they have never gotten beyond the controlled environment of a warehouse or test site, says Agrawal.

He explains in the video why an uncontrolled environment, for example a road, overtaxes such machines, why despite this fact cars are already autonomous today, and what role AI predictions play in this development:

Ajay Agrawal will be speaking at the conference «The Power of Predictions – How Intelligent Machines Will Impact Decisions» on 4 June 2019 at the GDI.