Helen Job: "Brands have to do something"

What is the difference between Brand Purpose and Brand Activism? Helen Job, brand expert, consultant and futurologist, explains in the following interview from the 16th European Trend Day at the GDI.

"We've almost reached peak purpose," says Helen Job, Head of Insight at media company TCO London. The word "purpose" has become an empty phrase. "Purpose is misused by communications and PR agencies. It has become the new 'authenticity' - the word that everyone was using before." According to Job, Purpose is what the brand stands for, what connects employees and what connects customers to the brand.

"Activism goes beyond Purpose," says Job. It's about changing mindsets and policies. And customers demand more,that brands take on responsibility - for example, in climate policies or social discourses. "Brands have to do something." Because the younger generation consumers would not accept the status quo.

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