Hans Ulrich Obrist: "Bring artists into the mix!"


At the 69th International Retail Summit, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Artistic Director of the Serpentine Galleries in London, gave an interview about the idea of collaboration and the future roles of artists.

Swiss-born Hans Ulrich Obrist is one of the art world's most influential people.. At the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute’s 69th International Retail Summit,  Obrist met another global star on the podium: Demna Gvasalia, founder and Artistic Director of iconic label Vetements and Artistic Director of fashion brand Balenciaga. Following the talk, Obrist gave a short video interview.

“What we discussed here today with Demna Gvasalia is really the idea of collaboration,”  Hans Ulrich Obrist says. According to Obrist, themes like sustainability and inequality are very urgent. In order to address these topics, we need to go beyond the idea of pooling knowledge. “We all need to work together, so I think it’s very important today that artists, designers, scientists, architects, all work together.” According to Obrist,every corporation should have an artist in residence or even on the Board, “so we wanted to encourage all the CEOs present here to bring artists into the mix.”

Watch the full interview here: