Frugal Innovation Map: an overview of the emerging market

Frugal innovation is in fashion. Start-ups are popping up all over the world. It is not easy to keep track of them all. The ‘Frugal Innovation Map’ helps.

Frugal Innovation Map

Sterile medical tools thanks to UV light? Glasses for one dollar? A tractor for agricultural purposes with only 15 horsepower? There are numerous examples of frugal innovation, and more and more are on the way. The ‘Frugal Innovation Map’ by Lukas Neumann, one of the founders of the Frugal Innovation Network and speaker at the GDI Trend Day, has a whole list of innovations and start-ups ready.

A selection:

  • SteriLux – Switzerland
    Founded by ÉPFL students, this start-up has developed a portable sterilisation system that costs a fraction of the equipment traditionally used in hospitals and works using UV light.
  • Frugal Thermometer – Netherlands
    Delft University of Technology has developed a ‘Frugal Thermometer’ for use in Africa. The thermometer can be produced locally at low cost and charged by hand.
  • OneDollarGlasses – Germany
    The OneDollarGlasses are made of flexible spring steel wire that can be easily built and locally machined, and are thus ideally suited to the often harsh conditions in developing countries. The material cost of the whole pair of glasses is around one US dollar.
  • 15 hp tractor – India
    The 15 hp tractor from the Indian tractor company Mahindra is produced at low cost and is intended to give the poorer population access to motorised agriculture.
  • Omomi App – Nigeria,
    The Omomi app provides pregnant women and mothers with life-saving information about their health and that of their children, as well as contact to doctors at the touch of a button.

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