Farming in the Underground: Paul Myers Agricultural Revolution


Biologist Paul Myers has one objective: he wants to change our relationship to food. He says traditional production methods are no longer sustainable in an increasingly urban society. Myers' alternative lies in the middle of the city, under the soil.

Paul Myers

According to the World Health Organization, by 2050 more than 70 % of people will live in urban areas. However, food cultivation takes place in rural areas. This is not sustainable, nor is it sufficient  to meet the needs of a growing urban population, says Paul Myers, co-founder of the Farm Urban start-up. 

There must be a rethinking of production methods. He suggests becoming “pesticide-free and moving from the traditional horse and tractor agriculture that is steadily destroying the planet to a more sustainable approach” is a necessary change.

The "fields" of Farm Urban are located in the old vaulted cellars of a former sugar factory in the middle of Liverpool. Instead of growing out of the ground, lettuce, pak choi, parsley and basil grow here in cotton wool. Sunlight is replaced by pink LEDs. The greenery grows magnificently and is processed one floor higher directly in the school canteen located there.

Myers spoke to the British newspaper "The Guardian" about how he plans to use Farm Urban to change not only food production, but our entire relationship to it - and why he believes in the success of his business model despite obstacles:

"The Guardian", 26 December 2019: ""This is the farming of the future": the rise of hydroponic food labs"

Paul Myers is a speaker at the GDI's 70th International Retail Summit, which will take place from 10 to 11 September 2020.