Douglas Rushkoff: "Being human is a team sport – that’s what technology and capitalism both want to undo"

Technology should once again become the people’s tool, not its enemy. This was the essence of Douglas Rushkoff's presentation at the 16th European Trend Day at GDI. This is the video of his contribution.

Douglas Rushkoff is convinced, that science has taken on the status of a religion. As a concept, it is closely linked to control, he elaborated in his presentation at the 16th Eurpoean Trend Day. Francis Bacon, one of the first empirical scientists, shaped this understanding through the image of nature being conquered by science and subordinated to our will. This understanding has become established, so that everything that claims to be real must be able to be quantified. If it is not quantifiable, it does not exist.

In the digital age, this also means a reduction of possibilities, a quantification: either 1 or 0. There is nothing in between. Technology is therefore never neutral. People adapt to quantification and quantization, and try to imitate machines. They adapt to technology. And that is definitely the intention, because if people can be increasingly better interpreted by algorithms, their actions can be better predicted and influenced. They can be influenced in a targeted manner, for example through advertising. Technology should once again become the people’s tool, not its enemy. For example, by helping people to work together and move forward.