Digital influencing: a new era of fashion communication

Noonoouri is always in style, looks stunning and works with fashion brands like Dior or Versace. And: Noonoouri is not real. She is computer-generated. Her inventor Joerg Zuber heralds a new era in fashion communication. At the European Trend Day on 13 March 2019, he will speak at the GDI.


The virtual it girl Noonoouri is questioning the concept of real social media influencers. The avatar is everything the flesh and blood influencers are criticised for: she is artificial, not authentic, far away from people's everyday lives. But: Noonoouri is successful.

Munich-based designer Joerg Zuber brought virtual fashion influencer Noonoouri to life in early 2018. Since then, she has won over 200,000 followers on Instagram, who admire her style and her virtual experiences. Stars like Kim Kardashian and Naomi Campbell follow her account.

With his creative agency Opium Effects, Zuber otherwise designs campaigns for Bulgari or BMW. Noonoouri was initially a private project that gradually formed partnerships with major fashion houses such as Dior and Versace and presented clothing for them.

"The basic idea is that Noonoouri communicates the meaning and soul of brands, products and people to the young target group in an entertaining, playful and highly qualified way, coupled with a high level of social commitment in the areas of children, animals and nature," says Zuber.

Not an easy job. The creation of an Instagram post can take up to three days. And it takes several creative people working for upt to two month to create a video with Noonoouri.

Get to know Noonoouri's creator Joerg Zuber at the GDI at the 15th European Trend Day on 13 March 2019.