Continuous health tracing and testing becomes normal

People have always suffered illness. Nothing will change that in the near future. What will change is how we deal with it personally. In the future, we will continuously evaluate our health indicators.

The following text is an excrpt of the GDI study "Next Health" that can be downloaded on the GDI website.

The rise of the new and growing digital class along with the increasing use of sensors in and on the body and in public spaces is making it easier to monitor vital signs and behaviour (e.g. exercise, nutrition).

Navigating the healthcare system

It is also becoming easier to measure the effects of socio-economic factors and environmental conditions on health and then incorporate the results of these measurements into diagnosis and treatment. In some situations, the permanent recording of such biodata will not just be permitted, but actually mandatory. The border controls and quarantine restrictions that sprang up in response to the COVID-19 pandemic have given a first glimpse of this. Accordingly, health interventions will no longer happen at clearly defined moments, but rather throughout life, all the way from birth to death. For the individual user, this will result in completely new ways to navigate the healthcare system.

Health tracing and testing
Continuous health tracing and testing

As an example of the new possibilities opening up in the healthcare sector, the GDI study "Next Health" shows some possible paths that patients may take before they decide on a particular treatment.