CCO of Trustpilot: “‘Building trust’ is the biggest no brainer ever”


Trust is the basis of every relationship. Glenn Manoff, CCO of Trustpilot, knows the value of trust between traders and customers even in difficult times. He reveals his insights on the GDI Trend Day.

54 percent: That's how many consumers stated in a survey conducted worldwide in 2018 that they did not trust companies. Instead, they relied on the ratings of other customers, Glenn Manoff recently told the British marketing magazine "The Drum". And this despite knowledge of the growing problems of fake ratings, which Amazon, for example, is struggling with. 

Manoff would  know: He is Chief Communications Officer at Trustpilot, one of the world's biggest rating platforms. He will explain how trust works in an age of distrust in his speech at the GDI's 16th European Trend Day. See why building trust for companies is the biggest no-brainer ever, in this video: