Bas van Abel and the anorexic smartphones


Every two years: On average, we buy a new smartphone on such a regular basis. Because the devices are increasingly difficult to repair. But Bas van Abel’s Fairphone is different.

Smartphones are getting thinner and thinner, and that creates problems. Not only are they easy to slip out of your hands and break, they're also hard to repair. That hurts your wallet and the environment. Such mobile phones are also less sustainable on the social level. People often dig for the necessary raw materials under the most precarious working conditions.

With the launch of the Fairphone, Bas van Abel has been breaking new ground for six years. The device should be repairable instead of "anorexic" and produced fairly. That succeeded. In the first one and a half years alone, over 60,000 telephones were sold. Today the Fairphone is already in its third generation on the market. Bas van Abel talks about the dilemma that his success as a smartphone manufacturer brings him into on 11 March 2020 on the 16th European Trend Day of the GDI - and in this video: