Whitepaper Global Well-Being

Global Well-being

Well-being in Context of Location

Whitepaper (PDF), 2019 (free download)

Language: English

Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, WSL Strategic Retail
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The desire for well-being has become a global movement that spans diverse areas of life and industries. Consumers no longer just want to consume. They want to improve their well-being through consumption. At the interface between personal lifestyle, subjectively experienced well-being, and objectively experienced quality of life lies the potential for innovation, new demands on products and services, and thus new markets.

The most important question from a company’s perspective: When, how, and where do people shop and what factors affect their well-being?

To give a first idea of these different factors and how they affect well-being, the whitepaper takes a look at four personas and their consumption path to wellbeing.


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