GDI: Statusfaction - What We Will Be Doing to Boost Our Image

GDI: Statusfaction - What We Will Be Doing to Boost Our Image

Media release, 23 May 2008
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute:
Statusfaction - What We'll Be Doing Tomorrow to Boost Our Image

The relative decline in lifestyle differences between the rich and poor has not resulted in the elimination of social distinctions. On the contrary, more importance is being attached to status symbols, which are again in great demand. Status differences are widening again and the competition for social recognition is being stepped up.

  • Why is there growing anxiety about status?
  • Which status symbols are becoming more important, which ones are on the decline?
  • What will tomorrow's consumers be doing to demonstrate their status and impress their friends and colleagues? Will women and men, old and young, German and Swiss, behave differently?
  • What impact will the new status consciousness have on the consumer goods industry? On retailing? The service sector? Tourism? The property market?

On the basis of a representative survey conducted in Germany and in the German and French-speaking regions of Switzerland, the "Statusfaction" study provides answers to the above questions.

New needs are creating new markets and therefore new opportunities for providers. The study shows the market potential, the new business ideas and the implications for communication that will ensue.

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