SwissRe IBM Webinar Series 2

Quantification: Keeping Score in a Metric Society

In the second session in our webinar series, jointly organized by Swiss Re Institute, IBM Research, and Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, two experts will discuss how life and society are increasingly governed by numbers and how this quantification is related to societal trust.

Health status, credit scores and business ratings: in today's world, numbers are in the ascendancy. Societies dominated by star ratings, scores, likes and lists are rapidly emerging, as data are collected on virtually every aspect of our lives. The Covid-19 pandemic just fueled this trend.

Steffen Mau offers a critical analysis of the growing importance of metrics, data and indicators in describing and managing society. He demonstrates how metrics, intended to build trust and transparency, changed our perception of value and status. Has data become a substitute for trust? Can data even undermine trust?

Jakub Samochowiec argues that as a society, we systematically underestimate the trustworthiness of others. We therefore feel the need for control by quantification. In many cases this might not only be unnecessary but could also undermine our own trustworthiness.


23 June 2020

11:00-12:00 (CEST / Zurich time)



Free of charge

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