Robot Capitalism

Global Outlook 2019: Robot Capitalism and The Coming World Disorder

An evening with Lord Adair Turner and Robert Kagan

Experts are in agreement: sooner or later, automation is set to redefine how we work. But what are the consequences? British economist Lord Adair Turner has come to a few surprising conclusions – he believes robots and artificial intelligence may actually impede productivity. He also asserts young, booming populations are not the blessing they are made out to be. And Lord Turner is sure about one thing: many of the assumptions made by economic theorists will no longer apply.

Robert Kagan has equally sharp observations. The fiery political pundit insists North America must play a greater role in world affairs. The United States, he argues, should work to bring about peace and order instead of adopting an isolationist stance. Kagan contends the world has a tendency towards chaos, which is why someone must watch over it and ensure various players remain on the straight and narrow.

Lord Turner and Robert Kagan have both outlined controversial and provocative new world orders. On 21 January 2019, they will be at the GDI to discuss questions such as:

  • How can we continue to ensure prosperity?
  • What economic changes can we expect to see?
  • What effects will changes have on society and the workplace?
  • What role can North America play in the future?
  • What does ‘true realism’ mean?
  • How will the relationship between the USA and Europe develop?

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David Bosshart (CH), CEO, GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute
Introductory Remarks

Lord Adair Turner (UK), Chairman of the Institute of New Economic Thinking
Rethinking Economics: Growth and Wealth in the Age of Robots

Robert Kagan (US), Senior Fellow of Foreign Policy, Project on International Order and Strategy, Brookings Institution
Taming the Jungle: Is US Engagement the Only Way?

A short panel discussion with Lord Adair Turner and Robert Kagan, moderated by David Bosshart


Apéro Riche and Networking

Lord Adair Turner

Lord Adair Turner

Chairman of the Energy Transitions Commission, a global coalition of leaders from across the energy landscape committed to achieving net-zero emissions by mid-century. Lord Turner is a Senior Fellow of the Institute for New Economic Thinking and former Chairman of the british Financial Services Authority; a columnist for Project Syndicate; and Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society.


Robert Kagan

Robert Kagan

Senior Fellow with the Project on International Order and Strategy in the Foreign Policy programme at the Brookings Institution; bestselling author; columnist for The Washington Post; and one of the 50 most influential thinkers in America, according to Politico Magazine.

David Bosshart

David Bosshart

Author, Speaker, Executive Advisor

Dr. David Bosshart was CEO of the GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute for consumption, economic and social studies from 1999 to 2020. Since 2020 he has been President of the Gottlieb and Adele Duttweiler Foundation.

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21 January 2018


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