Bad Leadership

Food for Thought 2.09

Bad Leadership: Bad leaders and what they teach us

Bad Leadership: Bad leaders and what they teach us

The financial crisis has abruptly toppled numbers of celebrated leaders from their pedestals. We don't like to call corruptible CEOs or tyrants leaders. But that's being naive. The dark side of leadership – from callousness and cruelty to outright corruption – is more than just a regrettable departure from the norm; it is diverse in its manifestations, ever-present and therefore the key to a better understanding of leadership.

At Food for thought 2.09, Harvard professor Barbara Kellerman will present a more honest and rounded view of leadership, citing notable examples from the current economic crisis. What specific mistakes have been made? What distinguishes corporate from political leaders? Prof. Kellerman will show when and why good leaders can turn into bad ones and the role their followers play.


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  • by David Bosshart, CEO, GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute.
  • danach Vorspeise, gefolgt vom Tischgespräch
  • The starter is served, followed by table talk with Prof. Barbara Kellerman,
  • and then the main course and dessert.

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Barbara Kellermann

Barbara Kellerman

Barbara Kellerman is a professor at the venerable Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government. As one of the top 15 forward-looking thinkers on the subject of leadership, she is among the most influential experts in her field. Prof. Kellerman is in worldwide demand as a speaker and writes a weekly blog that enjoys a large following. She is held in great esteem as an author, and her book, "Bad Leadership", caused a big stir. Her latest work is "Leaders and Followers", which describes the relationship between leaders and those who work with them.


13 May 2009

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