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How digital assistants will transform our lives

How digital assistants will transform our lives

Digital assistants have the potential to be the bridge between smart homes, smart cars, smartphones, PCs, wearables and other devices that we use in our personal and professional lives. They could make our lives better organised, and our devices and services much easier to use. What are the promises and challenges of this brave new world of intelligence augmentation?

Swiss Re, the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute (GDI), and IBM Research which are at the forefront of artificial intelligence research, development and prediction, have joined forces to approach the topic from different points of view at this conference on digital assistants:

  • Business: Swiss Re illustrates the potential impact of digital assistants on the financial services sector.

  • Society: GDI, one of Switzerland’s leading think tanks for economics, society and consumption maps future concepts and ideas for uses of digital assistants.

  • Technology and innovation: As a pioneer in advancing artificial intelligence for business use, IBM Research explains the principles behind the technology and shows how domains such as the supply chain, Internet of Things and healthcare are poised for dramatic change.

Join us at "A.I. everywhere: How digital assistants will transform our lives" on 5 June 2018 at the Centre for Global Dialogue in Rüschlikon, outside of Zurich. The conference will connect networks of artificial intelligence research and practice with thought leaders and decision makers from society, business and government.

Participation is by invitation only.



5 June 2018

There is no fee to attend this conference.

Participation is by invitation only. The event targets strategy, IT, risk management and product development professionals from insurance, technology and healthcare companies, academics, and representatives from municipal, state and federal government. 

Event location
Centre for Global Dialogue
Gheistrasse 37
8803 Rüschlikon



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