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7th European Consumer Trend Conference

The Return of Power: Who controls brands, media, people?

The Return of Power: Who controls brands, media, people?

Companies are losing control over their communications, politicians over their countries, citizens over their lives. Until not so long ago, money settled nearly all questions of power. But when the money runs out, distribution conflicts resurface. The effectiveness of soft-power instruments is fading and hard power is making a comeback: its tools are pillory, protectionism and cyberwar, instead of attraction, negotiation and persuasion. War instead of trade.

A power struggle, for advanced players only, has begun, and new technologies are constantly adding to the arsenal of weapons: Google, Twitter, social shopping, online propaganda.

Where are the conflict areas? Who deploys what means? What strategies and counterstrategies are used? Who will be the winner and who the loser? We'll be discussing possible answers at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute (GDI).


Welcome Coffee


  • David Bosshart and Kurt Aeschbacher
  • Words of welcome

Opening Speech

  • David Bosshart (CH)
  • Limitless power games – The winners and losers of tomorrow


  • Matthias Schranner (DE)
  • War of nerves – How to negotiate on the edge



  • Parag Khanna (USA)
  • Global regrouping – The new map of power


  • Daniel Domscheit-Berg (DE)
  • The countervailing power of transparency as a weapon
  • Christopher Poole (USA)
  • 4chan – Where the web is still a wild and dark place



  • Fernando Motolese (BR)
  • Nerds Kamikaze – How a small video producer challenges major companies


  • Josephine Ho (TW)
  • Shan-Zhai – Economic/Cultural Production through the Cracks of Globalization


  • Hans Eysink Smeets (NL)
  • Retailer vs. producer – A struggle without compromises


Trend Overview

  • Peter Wippermann (DE)
  • Don't panic – How network communication creates social wealth


Hot Innovation

  • Peter Sunde (SE)
  • Flattr – How social micro-payments finance online content


  • Doc Searls (USA)
  • Vendor Relationship Management – The true liberation of the customer


  • David Bosshart und Kurt Aeschbacher
  • Concluding remarks

Conference End

Daniel Domscheit-Berg

Daniel Domscheit-Berg

German journalist and activist for the cause of transparency and freedom of information. Former spokesman of Wikileaks, the online whistleblower platform that aims to provide the public with access to secret documents.

Parag Khanna

Parag Khanna

Geostrategist and author. He received his Ph.D. in International Relations from the London School of Economics, was advisor to the US government and today is a Senior Research Fellow at the National University of Singapore.

Christopher Poole

Christopher «moot» Poole

Founder of, an image-based bulletin board, where many viral videos, Internet phenomena, and memes get their start. Christopher was a featured speaker at the TED Conference. He has been profiled by TIME, CNN, The Washington Post, and Technology Review.

Doc Searls

Doc Searls

is an American journalist, author and widely read blogger. He is a co-author of «The Cluetrain Manifesto», a business bestseller, and is associated with two universities, where his work is focused on the Internet and its capacity for empowering individuals.

Peter Sunde

Peter Sunde

Hacker and entrepreneur. He first made a name for himself as co-founder of the file-sharing platform, Pirate Bay. He has also provided support for start-ups that bring about social change. His current project, Flattr, enables website visitors to donate small sums of money.

Peter Wippermann

Peter Wippermann

Founder of Trendbüro, Hamburg. Peter Wippermann was a Professor of Communication Design at Folkwang University of the Arts, Essen, he is a specialist in trend-based brand management, and the author of numerous publications.


16. März 2011

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