Keep your meetings and ideas fresh thanks to air sensors


Good indoor air quality is crucial for meetings or conferences if they are to be productive. Good ventilation, meanwhile, reduces the spread of viruses. Which is why GDI has had a new sensor system installed, so that it can guarantee a healthy and productive indoor climate in all GDI rooms.

Airica Raumluft Sensor

A unique sensor system now monitors the air in all GDI rooms, to help us ensure better health, performance and well-being. The air sensors meet the requirements of the Swiss national Covid-19 task force and offer greater protection for people from indoor virus transmission.

Monitoring indoor air quality

The system takes precise measurements to allow full control of the air quality in each individual room. The sensors register carbon dioxide levels, temperature, humidity, air pressure, volatile organic compounds and fine dust in each room to determine the quality of the air.

Airica Raumluft Sensor

A warning light and app provide real-time feedback on a room’s air quality to those present, indicating when it exceeds threshold values. This guarantees optimal room ventilation and a balanced room climate at all times.

The air sensor system helps make your meetings and conferences safer and more productive by:

  • improving the cognitive abilities of those present,
  • ensuring a sense of well-being,     
  • reducing the risk of infection.