Christine Schäfer

Christine Schäfer, MSc BA

Researcher and Speaker

Christine Schäfer is a researcher and speaker at the GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute. She analyses social, economic and technological trends, with a focus on food, consumption and trade.

Curriculum Vitae

Christine studied business administration at the Universities of Bern and Valencia, with a focus on marketing and consumer behaviour. Before joining GDI, she completed a trainee programme at US pharmaceutical and consumer goods manufacturer Johnson & Johnson in Zug.

When she’s not conducting research, Christine plays hockey for Luzerner Sportclub and carries out voluntary work.

In the media

CNNMoney Switzerland, 8. März 2018
The big (beyond) burger business

Publications (GDI)
  • European Food Trends Report 2021. The Big Entanglement: Food Between Microchips and Microbiomes, Authorsn: Christine Schäfer, David Bosshart, Karin Frick and Tomma Schröder, 2021.
  • Apotheke 2030. Neue Modelle für ein Traditionsgeschäft. Authors: Karin Frick, Christine Schäfer, 2020.
  • Globale Konsumproteste. Rebellion zwischen Hoffnung und Hype. Authors: Christine Schäfer, Karin Frick, Detlef Gürtler, GDI study No. 49, 2020.
  • The Next Normal – Trendreport. Consumer Behaviour after Covid-19. Authors: David Bosshart, Karin Frick, Christine Schäfer, 2020.
  • European Food Trends Report 2019. Hacking Food: Redefining What We Eat, authors: Christine Schäfer, David Bosshart, Karin Frick, Christopher Muller, GDI study No. 47, 2019.
  • Take Care. Der Mensch emanzipiert sich vom Betreuungssystem. Das wird die Pflegebranche revolutionieren, authors: Detlef Gürtler, Christine Schäfer, Stefan Breit, study commissioned by Senesuisse, 2018.
  • European Food Trends Report 2017. Food is Eating my Life: Why Food is Becoming the New Pop, authors: Christine Schäfer, David Bosshart, Christopher Muller, 2017.
  • Trend report "Fruit Trade 2025". Ideas – Impulses – Insights, authors: Marta Kwiatkowski, Christine Schäfer, study commissioned by Fruit Logistica, 2017.
Speech topics
  • Hacking Food: Redefining What We Eat
  • Eternity Now: Wellbeing and Beauty Retail Reimagined
  • Global consumption protests: rebellion between hope and hype
  • Care

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