Stefan Breit

Stefan Breit, MA


Stefan Breit is a researcher at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute. He analyses social, economic and technological trends, with a focus on living, infrastructure and environment.

Curriculum Vitae

Stefan Breit studied environmental sciences at ETH Zurich with a specialisation in human-environment systems. In his training, he focused methodically on transdisciplinary research, and thematically on sustainable building. After an internship on innovations in the building sector with the NEST project at Empa Dübendorf, he worked for six months in the Global Scanning Network for the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. In addition to his professional training, he was a former middle-distance runner and part of the Swiss national athletics team.

  • The New Energy World, 2018.
  • Future Public Space, 2018.
  • Microliving, 2018.
  • Take Care, 2018.
Speech topics

Speech topics

  • The future of living
  • The future of public space