Stefan Breit

Stefan Breit, MA

Researcher and Speaker

Stefan Breit is a researcher and speaker at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute. He analyses social, economic and technological trends, with a focus on living, infrastructure and environment.

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Stefan Breit studied environmental sciences at ETH Zurich with a specialisation in human-environment systems. In his training, he focused methodically on transdisciplinary research, and thematically on sustainable building. After an internship on innovations in the building sector with the NEST project at Empa Dübendorf, he worked for six months in the Global Scanning Network for the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. In addition to his professional training, he was a former middle-distance runner and part of the Swiss national athletics team.

Publications GDI
  • Next Health: A new way to navigate the healthcare ecosystem, authors: Karin Frick, David Bosshart, Stefan Breit, study commissioned by sminds AG, 2020.
  • Nie zu alt? Älterwerden zwischen Offenheit und Bewahrung, authors: Stefan Breit, Jakub Samochowiec, GDI study 48, 2020.
  • Demenz und Technologie. Eine Trendübersicht, authors: Stefan Breit, Karin Frick, study commissioned by Alzheimer Schweiz, 2019.
  • Out and About With Smart Assistants. A scenario for travelling in the future, authors: Jakub Samochowiec, Marta Kwiatkowski, Stefan Breit, study commissioned by Konferenz der Regionalen Tourismusdirektoren der Schweiz RDK, 2019.
  • Microliving. Urban living in the 21st Century, study commissioned by iLive (Schweiz) AG, 2018.
  • A New World of Energy. From Scarcity to Abundance, authors: Stefan Breit, Venkatesh Rao, Detlef Gürtler, study commissioned by Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE, 2018.
  • Future Public Space, authors: Marta Kwiatkowski, Stefan Breit, Leonie Thalmann, study commissioned by Zentrum Öffentlicher Raum ZORA, 2018.
  • Take Care, authors: Detlef Gürtler, Christine Schäfer, Stefan Breit, study commissioned by Senesuisse, 2018.
Speech topics

Speech topics

  • Never too old? Ageing between openness and presevation
  • The future of living and of public space. How we will live and work together
  • The future of energy and the energy system
  • The future of perception, language, interfaces and communication

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