Sedláček at GDI

10 January 2013

With growing unrest in the eurozone, rising tensions between national economies and increasing uncertainty on the global markets, we are living in a period of far-reaching change.

The celebrated Czech economist Tomáš Sedláček will be proposing a new view of the global economy at the GDI. His analysis of the roots of our cultural history will identify outdated concepts and archetypes that, for centuries, have shaped our thinking and therefore our economic activities as well. According to Sedlácek, a society's economic activities are the best indicators of where it stands.

«A time of diminishing raw materials and satisfied basic needs» is what the best-selling author calls our ever changing era. Sedlácek will show us what this could mean for our understanding of affluence and growth – und thus for our economy as well.

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10 January 2013
230.- CHF

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Langhaldenstrasse 21
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