Food for Thought 3.11

24 August 2011

How Possession Possesses Us - On the Culture of Things

A dinner speech with Prof. Daniel Miller

Material things rarely have friendly connotations. «Consumer society», «materialism» or even «property» are mostly perceived negatively. Less is more and better: less «stuff» leads to a better quality of life.

Clothing, home, food - we are constantly surrounded by material things, we use and consume them. What does this imply for our social and cultural life? How does our understanding of things, of «stuff», change? How does it differ from other cultures?

By way of ethnographic studies, for which he accompanies a group of people in their daily life during considerable periods of time, Daniel Miller researches the significance of material things across most different themes and regions. Clothing in India, homes in London and Facebook in the world.

At Food for Thought 3.11, Daniel Miller will take an anthropological look at the consumption and materiality of our time. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the habitual hospitality at GDI!


24 August 2011
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