Blockchain Valley Conference

13 June 2017

Tuesday, 13 June 2017, 08.30 – 17.30

08.30 Welcome Coffee
09.00 Opening Panel Discussion with
David Bosshart, CEO, Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute
Alessandro Curioni, Vice President Europe and Director IBM Research Zurich
Guido Fürer, Group Chief Investment Officer, Member of the Group Executive Board, Swiss Re

Alex Tapscott, Co-Author "Blockchain Revolution" and CEO, Northwest Passage Ventures
Understanding the Revolution: How Blockchain Is Changing Money, Business, and the World
10.15 Break
10.45 Brian Hoffman, CEO, Open Bazaar
Challenging Amazon: Why We Need a Peer to Peer Market Place

Richard Olsen, Founder, Lykke Corp
Blockchain-Trading: Building a Stock Market for Everyone

Conversation on the Future of Market Places with Brian Hoffman and Richard Olsen

Jesse Grushack, Co-Founder, Ujo Music
Fixing the Music Industry: How to Create a Fair Ecosystem

Guido Baroncini Turricchia, Founder, helperbit
Next-Level Donations: Adding Efficiency, Trust and Transparency

Primavera De Filippi, researcher, CNRS, and faculty associate, Berkman-Klein Center for Internet & Society, Harvard
Plantoid: The Birth of a Blockchain-Based Lifeform

Conversation on Fairness in Peer-to-Peer Markets with Jesse Grushak, Guido Baroncini Turricchia and Primavera De Filippi
12.30 Networking Lunch
14.00 GDI
Blockchain for Society and Consumer
Over the past years Switzerland witnessed massive growth in the blockchain space. Feasible ideas were able to raise millions. In this breakout session we are going to answer questions, such as: What are todays challenges for SMEs getting started with blockchain? What is possible and which business cases do not make sense? What is the state of blockchain education in Switzerland? With the strong presence of the blockchain scene in Switzerland trust in this new technology grows as well. We need new mechanisms of building trust in a world that is more and more controlled by algorithms, in which we increasingly interact with machines and in which it's hard to tell the difference between a machine and a human. What are new concepts of trust and strategies, and who is endorsing them? And who are we going to trust at all in an algocracy?

Karin Frick, Head Think Tank, Member of the Executive Board, GDI
Algokratie: In Tech We Trust?

André Wolke, Co-founder at Validity Labs and Founder of the Blockchain &
Internet of Things School
Blockchain Ecosystem Switzerland: Challenges and Opportunities for SMEs

Moderated by Florian Inhauser
Swiss Re
Blockchain in Insurance
In this breakout session we will explore how blockchain creates business value. Among the questions we will explore are: (i) What is the financial and business sense behind applying blockchain technology? (ii) How does its use impact the balance sheet? (iii) How does one assess the business value? (iv) How can one build "differentiation" while at the same time foster cross-industry collaboration? (v) How can the use of unified contracting language become the foundation for "smart" contract execution? The session will also address the economic feasibility of blockchains, and what it takes for market participants - both regulating and regulated entities - to come together and make it happen.

Jags Rao, Blockchain Workstream Lead, Reinsurance Technology Initiative, Swiss Re
Business Cases and Strategic Applications of Blockchain Competencies

Rory Unsworth, Head Contracts Centre, Swiss Re
Smart Contract That!

Kamesh Raghavendra, Vice President, The Hive
Economic Feasibility of Blockchain

Moderated by Brian Rogers, Senior Business Development Manager, Swiss Re Institute
IBM Research
Blockchain for Enterprises

Andreas Kind, Manager Industry Platforms & Blockchain, IBM Research Zurich

Jens Jelitto, Research, Cognitive Computing and Industry Solutions (IoT), IBM Research Zurich
Aircraft maintenance

Urs Karrer, Senior Managing Consultant & Service Area Team Lead – Strategy & Analytics, IBM
Blockchain Adoption in Switzerland

Moderated by Urs Karrer
15.45 Aet Rahe, Founder, ART IT Consulting and former Head of State Information Systems Department, Estonia
A Pioneer in E-Government: How Estonia Redesigned Public Services

Martin Ruubel, President, Guardtime
Securing Digital Transformation with Blockchains: Ten Years of Lessons

Joshua Cooper Ramo, best-selling author («The Seventh Sense»), Co-CEO of Kissinger Associates
Beyond Blockchain: Understanding Our New Age of Networks
17.20 Conclusion
David Bosshart, CEO, Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute
17.30  Apéritif


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