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28 - 29 January 2016

How to Design High Performance Institutions


For a long time in economic science, it was believed that human behaviour was rational. This was an error, as the past 30 years of research in behavioural economics has shown decisively. People tend towards cognitive simplifications, act contrary to their own interests, allow themselves to be significantly influenced by others... In short, in many situations they behave irrationally, indeed systematically so. Thus, irrational human behaviour is predictable.

The findings of behavioural economics are not only revolutionising science, those who draw the right lessons from typical behavioural patterns gain a strategic advantage for their organisations.

The two-day academy ‘How to design high performance institutions’ is aimed at decision makers, thinkers and advisers from business, politics and society. It gives an insight into the role of limited rational human behaviour. Thanks to introductory talks from leading behavioural economists, who will present their most recent research results in this unique forum, participants will discover how their own behaviour and that of their employees influences the performance of their companies.

The aim of the academy is for participants to learn to apply the findings of behavioural economics to their own decision-making immediately.

Three reasons to participate:

1. The most influential economists in the German-speaking region will present their latest research findings in a unique context
2. As a participant, you will complete a self-test and receive an analysis of your personal behavioural economic preferences, such as patience, risk or altruism
3. You will learn how human behaviour can be altered simply, quickly and effectively.


28 January - 29 January 2016
Early Bird Special Eagle: CHF 3200.00 (up to May 31, 2015)
Early Bird Special Hawk: CHF 3700.00 (up to September 30, 2015)
Early Bird Special Owl: CHF 4150.00 (from October 1, 2015)

The conference fee has to be paid in advance and includes all food and beverages (including VAT), except accommodation. Participants registering less than two weeks before the event can pay by credit card only.
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute
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