9th European Trend Day

13 March 2013


Why are Amazon, Google and Facebook so successful? It’s because they are getting to know me better and better: who I am and who my friends are. While other companies just accumulate customer data, they use theirs to create new business models and new products
& services.

All this arouses emotions. Managers complain about a “data explosion”, companies are euphoric about “big data”, and customers and citizens feel out of their depth and worry about it. Yet properly processed data are already bringing hitherto hidden interconnections to light and being transformed into simple, everyday tools: apps such as “Nike+” are making us fitter, “Mind Wave” is helping us sleep better, countless weight-reducing programmes are improving our diet, navigation systems are providing traffic forecasts and, thanks to Amazon recommendations, we are shopping more intelligently.

Analysis and visualisation can decipher abstract numbers – and suddenly we understand our customers’ behaviour. Anyone who succeeds in bringing the hidden information to light can turn data mountains into gold mines. At the European Trend Day 2013 we shall be demonstrating the magic of data to you – and how you can put this magic to good use. So that it’s you who manages your data, and not the other way round. Come and experience the fascination of clever design, learn from the successful, take inspiration from newcomers!


13 March 2013
Early bird price: CHF 900.-/Person (until 25 January 2013)
Langhaldenstrasse 21
8803 Rüschlikon
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Daniel Altman, Economist

Eric Tholomé, Google

Caroline Drucker, Etsy

Simonetta Carbonaro, Professor


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