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The End of Consumption

ETH Pavilion, Davos

This event is co-hosted by ETH, GDI and KPMG

"Banking is necessary. Banks are not." Bill Gates’ prediction for the financial industry in 1994 is prescient for the retail industry 25 years later. A recent study of the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute concludes clearly: Imagining the future of retail as a linear growth of online sales (which will result in the extinction of a number of legacy store brands) falls far short of the mark.

According to the GDI’s provocative report, the music industry is a case study for the future of the retail industry. It has basically been wiped out by services such as Spotify or iTunes. Consumers do not see themselves any longer as owners, but as users. This pattern can be applied to other industries, notably department store retail.

Of course, people will still have basic physical needs to be satisfied by commodities. But how desire for these goods is triggered, how the supply chain delivers these products and how they get into the hands of the consumer are changing radically.

This session takes a closer look at what’s next for the retail industry, and at how emerging technologies are transforming consumer attitudes. We will discuss questions such as:

  • How is data going to overturn classic retail?
  • When will we experience synthetic consumption?
  • Are we at the threshold to the land of milk and honey?
  • So, if consumption ends, what will be next?

This event is by invitation only.

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Stephan Fetsch

Stephan Fetsch

Partner, Deal Advisory-Valuation, EMA Head of Retail von KPMG. Fetsch verantwortet den Handelssektor bei KPMG in Deutschland und KPMG Europa. Seine Arbeitsschwerpunkte liegen auf der Unternehmensplanung, der Bewertung von Unternehmen, immateriellen Vermögenswerten, Joint Venture sowie wertbasierter Entscheidungsfindung und transaktionsorientierter Beratung.

David Bosshart

David Bosshart

Autor, Speaker, Executive Advisor

Dr. David Bosshart war von 1999 bis 2020 CEO des Gottlieb Duttweiler Instituts in Rüschlikon, Zürich. Seit 2020 ist er Präsident der Gottlieb und Adele Duttweiler Stiftung.


Chris Luebkeman

Chris Luebkeman

Berater des Präsidenten und der Schulleitung der ETH Zürich. Chris Luebkeman absolvierte eine vielseitige Ausbildung, die mit Ingenieurwesen begann und mit einem Doktorat in Architektur an der ETH Zürich abschloss. Er sammelte wertvolle Erfahrungen als Schützling des spanischen Architekten Santiago Calatrava, wechselte dann aber in die Ausbildung und lehrte an mehreren Universitäten.


19.30 Arrival of guests and registration

20.00 Session welcome, opening remarks, and moderated discussion

20.45 Q & A with with the audience

21.00 Networking reception


ETH Zurich Pavilion
Talstrasse 41
7270 Davos Platz

* Near the Forum's Media Village