David Bosshart: "Retailers have to become more flexible"

From shelf maintenance to more service and intelligent logistics – this development determines the new age of retail, says GDI CEO David Bosshart in a video interview. At the GDI Retail Summit, he will reveal the success factors of retail.

Steven Kotler about ultimate performance through brain hacking

Steven Kotler is the co-founder and director for research for the Flow Genome Project and author of «Stealing Fire». In this interview he talks about his live-changing flow experience and how people can learn to get into the flow.

Jo Marchant on how beliefs shape health

Microbiologist and science journalist Jo Marchant describes the influence of positive thoughts on our health and how placebos work, even when we are aware of the fact, that we are taking them.

Stefano Mancuso on intelligent plants

In this video interview Stefano Mancuso, Professor and Lead, International Laboratory for Plant Neurobiology at the University of Florence, describes, how plants interact with each other and what we can learn from them.

“There aren't five types of customers – there are 150”

We have to stop thinking in terms of the traditional age categories. Chris Sanderson, co-founder of the London-based trend consulting company The Future Laboratory, explains in this video interview how customer types will be defined in the future.

Arsenal fan services: The emotion managers

Personal contact and empathy are the most important elements in dealing with fans. Charlotte Kenny, Head of Fan Services at the British footbal club Arsenal, faces up to the challenges of dealing with fan communities.


NearSt – search the web to buy around the corner

Offline shops are invisible for online purchases. Nick Brackenbury, CEO of the e-commerce company NearSt, wants to change this with an app. In this video interview, he explains how.

Technologie, Life Hacks

“Calm technology“ – technology for the peace of mind

Technology should be a functional part of our life and not constantly interrupting our daily routine. This is what Amber Case says in a video that was recorded at the 67th International Retail Summit at GDI.

Primavera De Filippi on what we should learn from the Internet

Internet has evolved from a powerful tool for individual freedom into a tool for surveillance and control, says Harvard researcher Primavera De Filippi in this video interview. For blockchain we should learn from the past.

Alex Tapscott: "Blockchain will cut away at the middle class jobs"

Blockchain represents an evolution: from an internet of information to an internet of value, says author Alex Tapscott. In this interview, which was conducted at the Blockchain Valley Conference, Tapscott explains a few things that could go wrong with the bockchain.

Jesse Grushack: "We give artists a way to easily licence their music"

Jesse Grushack, Co-Founder of blockchain-based Ujo Music on how to create a fair ecosystem for the music industry. "It's about taking blockchains components and make these systems usable."

Jags Rao: "Blockchain is going to fundamentally change the way businesses are built"

Jags Rao, Blockchain Workstream Lead for the Reinsurance Technology Initiative at Swiss Re, talks about business cases and strategic applications of blockchain competencies.

Tyler Cowen: "We have become complacent"

Renowned economist Tyler Cowen in this video interview at the GDI says, our economy has become less dynamic, more bureaucratic and less innovative. This will become a problem in the long run.

Geostrategist Parag Khanna on direct technocracy

Geostrategist Parag Khanna recommends a government system in which big states learn from the small. We spoke to him about democracy, good governane and Switzerland and Singapure as role models at the conference "Tyler Cowen and Parag Khanna at GDI".

Herbert Bolliger: “Today, we want everything, everywhere”

At the 67th International Retail Summit, Migros CEO Herbert Bolliger discussed what’s surprised him over the last 12 years in retail, the challenges facing retailers today and sales robots. We spoke to him in an interview beforehand.

Tom Vanderbilt: "All preferences are learned"

Bestselling author Tom Vanderbilt is convinced that whether we prefer blue or red is the result of our socialisation. In a video interview from the GDI Trend Day, he explains why it’s difficult for us to learn to like new things.

“A society that no longer requires central organisations”

Blockchain makes it possible to imagine a society that no longer requires central organisations, says GDI researcher Karin Stieger in her video looking ahead to the Blockchain Valley Conference 2017.

Anarchy ahead: an interview with economist Branko Milanović

Concerning the future of the global economy, economist Branko Milanović has one good news and one bad news. He delivered them in our video interview conducted at the GDI conference on "The Future of Power".

The Power of Emotions: an interview with Turkish novelist Elif Shafak

"We have to enter into the world of emotions and to connect with people with anxiety", the award-winning author Elif Shafak said in our video interview conducted at the GDI conference on "The Future of Power".

Masqueraded Autocracies: an interview with Moisés Naím

Reports of an imminent demise of democracy were wildly exaggerated, assured Moisés Naím, Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, in our video interview conducted at the GDI conference on "The Future of Power".

Digital versus Democracy: an interview with Robert D. Kaplan

The United States are about to experience the first presidency of the digital age, says Robert Kaplan, Senior Fellow at the Center for a New American Security, in our video interview conducted at the GDI conference on "The Future of Power".

Globalisierung, Gesellschaft

Can Europe break smart?

In his groundbreaking essay "Breaking Smart", Silicon Valley thought leader Venkatesh Rao describes how software has revolutionised – and destroyed – business models. He talks to GDI CEO David Bosshart about entrepreneurship in the US and Europe, Brexit, and the future of nations.

Key Skills Required for Tomorrow’s Food Retailers

Joanne Denney-Finch, CEO of the UK research and training organisation IGD talks about customer's high expectations and inspiration.

Augmented Retail

The CEO of software provider Holition talks about the lack of interest in digital applications, postdigital customer experiences in the luxury industry and state-of-the-art shop architecture.

What retail can learn from selfies

Professor Lev Manovich talks about his instagram image analysis, the question of whether a globalised world promotes inequality rather than equality and gives insights on what retail can learn from its customers.

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