Conference: The Return of Tribes

Nation states are divided, the EU is under fire and ideological fringe groups are gaining in influence across the world. At the GDI evening event on 22 January 2018, experts will discuss the return of premodern tribal thinking.

Our Money, Our Banks, Our Country

Switzerland will vote next year on a change in its monetary and banking system. What are the pros and cons of the "Chicago Plan"? Listen to international experts at GDI and participate in discussions.

Who's talking about your company tomorrow?

Companies and brands have lost the information monopoly on their products. Are you still being listened to? The new GDI study "Digital Corporate Publishing" shows how to be part of tomorrow's conversation.

Super You: The Growing Self-Optimisation Market

Yoga, chia, Fitbit – what consequences does self-optimisation have? At the GDI Trendday on 14 March 2018, thought leaders and a cyborg will analyse our transformation into super human beings.

Nina Mazar: “We want to be sincere“

Humans are good. Certain situations, however, tempt us to act without integrity. Behavioral scientist Nina Mazar explains in her ted talk how circumstances can be changed. In January 2018 Mazar will be speaking at the GDI.

Food Report: From Cycle to Network

We used to get our vegetables fresh from the market, warm bread from the local baker, and meat from our own cow – if at all. Now, mass producers and major operators dominate. What will happen tomorrow?

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European Food Trends Report

Food is Eating my Life: Why Food is Becoming the New Pop

Robotics and Disabilities

How machines will help people tomorrow

Polarization Shocks

Are Growing Gaps in a Shrinking World Inevitable?

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Dr. David Bosshart

is CEO of the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute for Economic and Social Studies. Dr. David Bosshart holds a PhD in philosophy, is the author of numerous international publications and sought-after speaker worldwide.

Karin Frick

Karin Frick is Head of Think Tank and a Member of the Executive Board at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute. As an economist, she researches trends and countertrends in business, society and consumption.

Marta Kwiatkowski

Marta Kwiatkowski is a Senior Researcher & Advisor at the GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute and analyses social, economic, and technological trends.


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