New GDI study: Robotics and Disabilities

Household robots, prostheses made by 3D printers and nanobots integrated into the body – all these will profoundly alter life for disabled people. The GDI study "Robotics and Disabilities – How machines will help people tomorrow" develops new ideas about how future technologies might shape the lives of disabled people.


The Future of Power

Who Are the True Rulers of the 21st Century? World-leading experts like Moisés Naím, Branko Milanović and Robert D. Kaplan, discussed this issue on 16 January 2017 at the GDI. Tweets, pictures and videos of the conference are constantly beeing updated here.

David Bosshart: Feelings – the weapon of mass persuasion

Hard facts had lost their power, says David Bosshart, the CEO of the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute in our “Outlook 2017” and in his latest publication “Polarization Shocks”. In an abstract and complex world, feelings took on a new role.


Thought Leaders 2016: The world's most influential voices

The «Global Thought Leaders Index 2016» maps the conversation on the internet and its most prominent voices. In 2016, for the first time, GDI analysed the Arabic- and Swiss German-speaking internet as well as the English-, German-, Spanish- and Chinese-speaking internet.

Trend Day: early-bird-discount until 31 January 2017

Increasingly, our physical surroundings are being superimposed by virtual parallel worlds. Streets, rooms and buildings are becoming interactive. We will discuss the significance and potential of digitally augmented locations at the European Trend Day 2017. Sign up now! 10 % early bird discount until 31 January 2017.


Blockchain Valley Conference – Sign up now!

Blockchain is revolutionising transactions, just as the Internet has revolutionised communication. But what are the implications for technology, business and society? Answers at the Blockchain Valley Conference on 13 June 2017. Sign up now!


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Robotics and Disabilities

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Dr. David Bosshart

is CEO of the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute for Economic and Social Studies. Dr. David Bosshart holds a PhD in philosophy, is the author of numerous international publications and sought-after speaker worldwide.

Karin Frick

Karin Frick is Head of Think Tank and a Member of the Executive Board at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute. As an economist, she researches trends and countertrends in business, society and consumption.

Marta Kwiatkowski

Marta Kwiatkowski is a Senior Researcher & Advisor at the GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute and analyses social, economic, and technological trends.


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