‘Faked Meats’ – Rethinking the veggie burger

Food is central to life – and now it's a design object as well. Marije Vogelzang, founder of the Dutch Institute of Food & Design and a speaker at the GDI Retail Summit, is a pioneer of eating design. She gives an insight into her work in the video.

30 Shifts on the way to the energy future

The transition to the energy future will be shaped by individual developments, "shifts", writes GDI researcher Stefan Breit. He identifies and analyses the 30 most important ones in a trend landscape.

On the football field there is only the now

Match-deciding decisions within seconds – no problem for Pierluigi Collina. The successful referee explains in a video what it takes to stay focused. He will reveal more about success on the pitch at the GDI Retail Summit on 7 September.

Competitive information via augmented reality

You want to find out more about a product? Today it takes a single glance at your smartphone to know everything about it. Even what is left out in advertising. Companies are forced to re-think their communication strategies, write GDI-researcher Jakub Samochowiec.

More time thanks to artificial intelligence

The next ten years will be revolutionary. At least in terms of artificial intelligence, says Behshad Behzadi, Distinguished Engineer, Site Lead Google Switzerland, in a TED talk. How the "AI-first revolution" will impact retail will be revealed at the GDI Retail Summit on 6 September.

Terry Young: “Marketing will be hyper-personalised”

We will soon see advertising messages that are aligned with our DNA, says Terry Young, founder of the consulting company sparks & honey. But how will this hyper-personalised marketing affect retail? The US-American CEO answers this question in this interview and at the GDI Retail Summit.

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